Morning Huddles set the tone and level of productivity for the rest of the day. They help the team focus on how to create production opportunities and get through the day’s schedule smoothly. The doctor or leader sets the mood for the day in the first 5 minutes after they walk into the door or start the morning huddle. When team members come to the morning huddle prepared with the appropriate information to be shared and a set agenda is followed, this meeting can be completed in less than 15 minutes. 

Suggested agenda: 

  • Positive greeting: Open the meeting with an inspirational quote, encouraging words or a positive online review. 

  • Are the daily producer (Dr. and hygienist/ recall) production goals met today? If not, where are the opportunities to “Mine the Gold?” “Mining the Gold” means finding procedures that can be done that day outside the original schedule. 

    • Examples include: 

      • A child has come in for a recall appointment and needs a filling, sealants or a panorex. 

      • An emergency patient that needs treatment. 

  • Are the daily producer production goals met over the next three days? What openings need to be filled?

  • Cancellations? How will we fill that time? Messages are checked before the morning meeting. 

  • Emergency patients. Identify the best times for emergency patients. A front desk team member should know the best time and never have to leave their desk and go to the back to ask this question. 

  • Financial arrangements completed? 

  • New patients: Name, chief concern, referral source. 

  • Treatment diagnosed and not scheduled? 

  • Family members that can be referred? Do a lap exam on a younger sibling that has accompanied the recall patient or make an appointment for that sibling during the next recall appointment of the older child. 

  • V.I.P. assignments: Share information about a child that is coming in that day that we want to acknowledge or be sensitive about. 

Ending on a positive note with another inspirational quote of the day, joke of the day or word of the day will help to create motivation and energy for your team. 

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