Parents ask tough questions related to the cost of dental treatment and why their insurance doesn’t cover the entire cost. If a team member responds effectively to cost-related questions, you will not only increase the value of treatment but also promote treatment acceptance. 

Below are a few examples of frequently asked questions from parents and suggested team member responses.

Dental Benefit Coverage

Why isn’t this treatment covered in full? 

“You have every reason to be concerned when it seems as if you are not getting the type of dental benefits you deserve. We have consistent fees for our services, but some insurance companies vary in their payments. Some pay for dental care in full, some do not. We help you file your insurance claims to get the most benefits possible. You are then responsible for the remainder of the fee. If you are unhappy with your dental insurance, you might want to talk to your union steward about why they chose a plan that does not cover the full fee for this treatment.”

Fee Comparisons

I bet I could find it cheaper elsewhere. 

“We want you to be comfortable with our fees, and if comparing fees will make you more comfortable, then you should certainly do so. I have a couple of suggestions though. Find out exactly what is and what is not included in the other fees so that you can make a wise comparison. Also, please do not make your decision solely on the basis of price. The quality of care, attention is given to children and the comfort of your child are all important, too.”

Specific Treatment Fees

I know the doctor said Jimmy needs a filling, but I don’t think we will get one. I just can’t afford it. 

“It is a significant investment. It is hard to decide what would be the best thing to do, isn’t it? Perhaps I can make your decision clearer by talking about what could happen to Jimmy’s tooth – and your budget – if you decide to wait. Unlike some other health problems that go away on their own, dental problems do not go away. They only get worse. The longer you wait, the greater the risk of needing to treat Jimmy with a crown instead of a filling, which would cost a lot more. He also faces the real possibility of infection or pain. May I go over the payment choices with you to see which would work best for your family?”

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