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We get it! As a dentist, you are focused on your patients, as you should be! So, while you are treating your patients, who is coaching your team? Many offices have great leaders that help the practice succeed on a daily basis. But something is missing—you keep running into the same problems or find that systems are just not being followed.

How do you get change to happen in a practice where you have to be in too many places at once? Great news, we have a solution for you.

We have put together our most proven, valuable systems in a 60+ page guide that takes you on a patient’s journey from pre-appointment to following up on patient accounts. We’ve even included our best systems for marketing your practice!

What’s Included:

  • SOP for Marketing the Pediatric Practice
  • SOP for Managing Collections, Greeting New Patients, Fundamentals of Dental                  Insurance, and more!
  • Verbal Skills for Answering the Telephone, Scheduling Appointments, Patient Check-out,      and more!

How to Use This Guide:

  • You will receive a PDF Guide along with a Word document.
  • Read through and use the Word document to modify anything you choose to customize      for your practice.
  • Review the resource with your team to help them understand the new systems and why      they are important.
  • Use this guide when hiring new team members to be sure they are learning exactly the      systems that you prefer.
  • Create a follow up system with your team to ensure any changes you have made are          working!



Dentists fear a lack of growth and profitability because they don’t know enough about how to run a thriving business.  Our customized systems teach dental teams how to work more efficiently, decrease stress and increase productivity.

  • Incredible Coaching Experience
  • Deliver effortless financial analysis
  • Optimize your management systems.
  • Boost new patient numbers, referrals, and collections

Meet The Coaches

Learn Who We Are


    Lindsey discovered her love for leading teams right out of college. With over 20 years of managing and leading successful teams, she found dentistry and a passion for helping not only patients but the teams she has worked with. Working with both general and pediatric dentists, Lindsey is excited to bring her wealth of knowledge in operations, people development, systems implementation, and dentistry to coach your team to success.

    Lindsey is a Chicago native and before moving to Colorado has lived in Wisconsin and Texas. Living in Colorado since 2013, she enjoys all 4 seasons and the beauty Colorado has to offer. She has three children and two dogs and spends her free time golfing and playing pickleball.

    “Joining the LCP team has been a dream come true. Working with this team of amazing leaders is exactly where I was destined to be. It feels like home!” -Lindsey Curry


    Nearly a decade ago, Nick had the opportunity to meet the owners of LCP and work with them as their business and leadership coach for four years. Fast forward to 2023, and Nick is joining the leadership team at LCP as the Director of Strategic Development, where he will be providing team leadership coaching, developing resources, and implementing strategies to help our clients create transformational growth.

    Nick spent much of his childhood in Florida on the beloved Sanibel Island, working with his family in the hotel industry. Nick Graduated from Grove City College in 2008, where he majored in Accounting  and Communications. As a certified leadership trainer, Nick served on John Maxwell's Transformational Leadership Team in Central America. Since then, he has worked in various capacities and fields across three continents, honing his personal and professional development. Nick is very happily married and a proud father. When he is not working, you can find Nick and his family enjoying local parks, riding bikes, or working out together.

    'I have the privilege of guiding our industry's elite leaders and high-performance teams. At LCP, I am creating content, developing strategies, and coaching leaders to elevate their teamwork while having fun pursuing a common purpose. Ultimately, we proudly help all of our clients Lead Confidently, Connect Genuinely, and Profit Significantly!'  -    

     Nick Hendrix


    Russ is a true “numbers guy,” spending more than two decades in the mortgage business at Atlantic Federal Credit Union as a Loan Manager, and the last seven years working for Integrity Fundraising doing all aspects of operating a successful small business.

    January 2015, Russ joined LCP Dental Team Coaching as their Office Operations Manager, putting both his people skills and business acumen to work. Russ is Lilly Cortes-Pona’s husband.When Russ isn’t busy adding value to clients and keeping the business running smoothly, he is usually exploring the great outdoors on his Harley Davidson or enjoying beaches with Lilly.

    “I am excited to work alongside my wife, to develop and maintain the strong operational and administrative foundation at LCP Dental Team Coaching so that our clients have consistent and excellent service.” -Russell Pona


    Nicole did not set out to build a career in the dental field; however, while managing dry cleaners, Nicole's exceptional customer service and kindness caught the attention of a local pediatric dentist who requested her resume. Shortly after, Nicole was hired and began learning everything that contributes to the success of the admin team of a pediatric dental and orthodontic practice. Over the next sixteen years, she supported the team in creating outstanding patient experiences, billing, insurance, and eventually supporting the clinical team chairside.

    When Nicole's family relocated to Florida, she was hired as the practice administrator for a pediatric dental practice, where she participated in the LCP coaching program with her team. This visit coincided with Lilly's birthday, and even though they had only recently met, Nicole and her family took Lilly to one of their favorite restaurants to celebrate.
    Lilly immediately recognized the ownership mentality and experience that Nicole could provide LCP clients. When Nicole and her family relocated to her native New England, the opportunity for Nicole to join the LCP Team as a client success coach became a reality. 
    Nicole is originally from Massachusetts and loves cheering on the Boston Celtics. She enjoys reading and exploring new restaurants with her partner, Jay, and her two young children, Morgan and Cameron.

    Nicole’s unofficial resume includes the fact she is a closet 'sneakerhead' and is always on the lookout for fun kicks to add to her collection. 

    ''I've been blessed with many opportunities in my professional life, and working with LCP is one of the best. I am excited to bring my knowledge and experience to help support our clients on their journey to success.''  - Nicole Small 


    Lilly's childhood dentists made her feel very important and safe. She actually looked forward to visiting her dentists' office! As an adult, Lilly decided to work in the dental industry so that she could create amazing dental experiences for children and their parents.

    Lilly has worked in the dental industry since 1996, doing everything from dental assisting, to front office management, to converting offices from paper to digital records, to practice acquisition.

    Lilly is a Certified DynaMetric Professional and uses DynaMetric programs to give business owners simple tools and reports that help them identify great team members during the hiring process and promote greater office productivity and teamwork. She lives by the quote: 'People don't care how much you know, until they know how much you care.' From the moment you speak with Lilly, you will see how true that is.As the owner of LCP Dental Team Coaching, Lilly relies on her team and mentors to help deliver world-class services and products to clients. Currently Lilly is being mentored by the #1 leadership expert in the world, Dr. John C. Maxwell, and continues to draw on the knowledge and experience of her company’s Founder and Consultant Extraordinaire, Julie Weir.

    “At LCP Coaching, our commitment is to provide the tools necessary to LEAD yourself and your team, CONNECT with everyone you serve and PROFIT with endless possibilities.”  -Lilly Cortes-Pona


  • "The LCP Team has surpassed my expectations…I am so happy I decided to take the leap and hire them!"
    DR. V
  • "This process takes time and the LCP Team has been right there with us every step of the way."
    DR. G
  • "Lilly and the team have done a fabulous job helping me with the business aspect of my practice."
    DR. J

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